(Credit: Taylor Boylston)


Angel Olsen comes out as gay and introduces the world to her partner


The acclaimed singer-songwriter, Angel Olsen shared the incredible news that she is gay as part of a social media post over the weekend which also saw Olsen introduce her fans to her partner, Adele Thibodeaux, telling the world: “I’m Gay!!!”

As well as being one of the most gifted songwriters around, you can also add an inspirational social leader to Angel Olsen’s CV. The singer used her social media platforms to announce to the world that she was gay on Friday, celebrating the love of her partner.

The real reason for the post seems to be the introduction of her partner, Adele Thibodeaux, to her 211,000 fans on Instagram, sharing multiple pictures including their loafers and tattoos, as she captioned the post with “My beau, I’m gay”.

In a time when there are few things to truly make people smile on social media, posts like this can remind us what the platforms were created for; connection. Perhpas the purest moment of the announcement was the image of Olsen’s beaming smile, clearly enamoured with both Thibodeaux and her opportunity to speak out.

Naturally, within the comments section, fans and onlookers provided a mixed bag of comments. Some commented “We knew it” while others went for a saltier route of “This surprises no one” however the underlying message of love was hard to undercut.

In truth, we usually wouldn’t report on such a moment in somebody’s personal life however the sincerity with which it was shared as well as the beautiful love and happiness that emanates from the posts grabbed us as a positive moment in negative times.

Thanks, Angel and Adele, you guys make one hell of a cute couple.