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Credit: Colin Medley


Andy Shauf unveils 'Satan' alongside a mesmeric new music video

Andy Shauf - 'Satan'

Saskatchewan singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Shauf has unveiled two new tracks, ‘Jacob Rose’ and ‘Satan’, the latter of which is accompanied by a music video directed by Ryan Steel. The perfect example of how the simplicity of design can breed wondrous complexity, ‘Satan’ sees Shauf reach back into his childhood and bring back memories with far-reaching implications.

Despite writing solely from personal experience, Andy Shauf doesn’t like to overexpose himself. Instead, he tends to use memory and confession as catalysts to craft songs that reach towards universal truths. Wrapped in a gauze of intimate acoustic guitar thrums, Shauf’s lyrics for ‘Satan’ find the singer-songwriter hark back to his religious upbringing, mining those memories for resonant symbols and images.

Describing the origins of ‘Satan’ in a recent statement, Shauf said: “When I was young, there were a few years where I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Hallowe’en. The church that I grew up in was saying that Hallowe’en was ‘The Devil’s Day’ and that it had its roots in satanic rituals. After a few years of this, my parents realised it was a bit silly to deny us our free candy and let us resume.”

“The Christianity that I was brought up in said that believers went to heaven and non-believers went to hell,” Shauf continued. “A sort of cartoon-like simplification of ancient texts. So with the lyrics of this song, I was trying to take this cartoon-like simplification of life (and death) and pair it with a cartoon-like version of this Christian hell. Where after you complete a long and disciplined life, you find yourself holding a bite-sized chocolate bar stapled to an invitation to a Hallowe’en pool party with Satan himself.”

Shauf’s latest album Wilds was released last Autumn, arriving after he unveiled The Neon Skyline in early 2020. Next week, he’ll embark on a North American tour, which will be followed by a string of European dates in the spring. Check out the video for ‘Satan’ as well as ‘Jacob Rose’ below.