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Credit: ABC


Andy Shauf debuts on Jimmy Kimmel with 'Neon Skyline' and 'Try Again'

Andy Shauf makes his debut on Jimmy Kimmel with a simply gorgeous performance of ‘Neon Skyline and ‘Try Again’. two tracks from his latest record.

After a brief bit of moonlighting with Foxwarren, our favourite Canadian composer, Andy Shauf returned earlier this year with some more unique musings in the form of the album The Neon Skyline.

He was welcomed on to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and performed two tracks from the LP. The record which, according to a press release, takes place during “the same night at the same bar”, is another gem from the same artist who gave us one of our favourite records of the decade in 2016’s The Party.

The new record is another moment of human and unadulterated bliss, as Shauf guides us through the concept album with vivid imagery and reachable moments of artistic clarity.

Shauf performed ‘Neon Skyline’ and ‘Try Again’ in his typically unique style and blew the audience away with Paul Simon-esque tunes.

Watch below as Andy Shauf debuts on Jimmy Kimmel Live!