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(Credit: Gaumont)


Andrzej Żuławski’s iconic horror 'Possession' set for 4K restoration


The iconic Polish romantic horror, Possession, is set to receive a brand new 4K re-release due to have its US premiere at Fantastic Fest in September, followed by a theatrical and digital release in October.

Released courtesy of Metrograph Pictures, 1981s Possession stars Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani as a married couple whose lives fall apart when she asks for a divorce. Though when the wife, Anna, begins exhibiting bizarre demonic behaviours, the husband questions the true nature of her intentions. 

Premiering at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival, Adjani would receive the coveted Best Actress award for her performance, along with the unfortunate label as a ‘video nasty’ in popular culture, banning the full cut from release in the UK and US. Now restored to its original 124-minute glory, the film directed by Andrzej Zulawski can be enjoyed by audiences worldwide in beautiful 4K definition. 

Combining the torment of lost love with the horror of such personal realisations, Possession has since been recognised as a classic, sinister breakup movie, recognised by filmmaker Ari Aster as one of the best of its kind. Whilst in discussion with YouTube channel Birth.Movies.Death. Aster noted that the film had a big influence on his 2018 horror, Midsommar, explaining, “Zulawski’s possession, that’s a big one and that’s a big one that I return to again and again”. 

Continuing, the director adds, “I think if there is any legacy for the film, I would love for it to be a movie that people go to when they’re going through a breakup, I hope this qualifies as a contribution to that tradition”.

Check out the trailer for the newly restored genre classic below, mixing stunning cinematography, frenzied acting performances and an intoxicating score.