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André 3000 joins the cast of new Netflix film 'White Noise' - Today

Noah Baumbach, the director of films like Francis Ha and The Squid and the Whale among other modern gems, has his eyes set on a brand new project after the unprecedented success of his 2019 drama Marriage Story. Baumbach has been attached to an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise, which received the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction for its postmodern brilliance.

In a relatively recent interview with The New York Times, DeLillo said: “Technology has changed the way we think, talk. Everything was different before this somewhat abrupt technological advance. Our thinking is less meditative and somewhat more instantaneous. I don’t use a cellphone, because I want to keep thinking in a traditional manner. It helps me concentrate on words on a page.”

Adding, “Writing gives me comfort. Trying to understand can be somewhat self-enlightening, maybe in a self-deceptive way, but that’s helpful. My personal question is, Will I keep writing fiction? The answer is that I’m just going to see what happens. It’s possible that I’ll try to think about arranging a volume of my nonfiction work. I don’t know.”

White Noise has already managed to attract some big names, including Baumbach’s previous collaborators Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig.

Driver is set to star as a professor of Hitler studies who experiences intense turmoil when his town is covered by chemical waste due to a quasi-apocalyptic train accident.

The project will also star the likes of Don Cheadle, rapper André 3000 and Jodie Turner-Smith. While other filmmakers were initially attached to White Noise, Baumbach’s work is in full swing now with principal photography beginning in June of this year.

White Noise is expected to have a 2022 release, barring any potential disruptions.