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Credit: Gerald Fearnley/ACC Edition

An early demo of David Bowie's 'Starman' has sold for £51,000 at auction


Rock and roll memorabilia is a big game. Ticket stubs and memories aside the chance to own a piece of rock and roll history is a huge draw for collectors. So when an early demo version of David Bowie’s iconic song ‘Starman’ went up for auction, there was a big expectation on the final selling price. Estimated at £10,000 the demo has just been sold for £51,000 and nobody saw that coming.

The demo is a very early 1971 version of the famous Ziggy Stardust song recorded by Mick Ronson a friend and guitarist in Bowie’s backing band Spiders From Mars. Ronson passed the demo on to his friend Kevin Hutchinson who was keen to learn the song at the time.

The demo also features versions of Ziggy favourites ‘Moonage Daydream’ and ‘Hang Onto Yourself’ and will likely be the crown jewel in somebody’s Bowie collection.

Mr Hutchinson had previously spoken with Press Association saying “Now I’m 65 and I played it, I just couldn’t believe how good it is. But at the time, I thought: It’s not bad. At 16 you’re not totally impressed, nothing impresses you.”

Mr. Hutchinson explained about rediscovering the recording ” I found it and got my old tape recorder out of the loft as well and threaded the tape into the machine. We couldn’t believe it when we heard it. It’s superb.”

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The song is obviously a new one to Mick Ronson who, when trying to turn off the recording gets told by Bowie that there’s a little more of the song to come. There’s a suggestion that this could be the first-ever recording of ‘Starman’.

Take a listen to the demo below.