Uncensored version of David Bowie's controversial 'China Girl' video released


An uncensored version of David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ video has been released.

The David Mallet directed , which featured New Zealand model Geeling Ng, depicts her naked in the surf with Bowie in a visual reference to the film From Here To Eternity.

The song was written by Iggy Pop and Bowie during their years in Berlin, first appearing on Pop’s debut solo album The Idiot back in 1977 but gained major commercial successful years later when Bowie included his version on the album Let’s Dance in 1983.

The video, which claimed to ‘consciously parody Asian female stereotypes’, was described by Bowie as a “very simple, very direct” statement against racism. Despite Bowie’s claims, the video was banned in multiple countries across the world.

Bowie said in Rolling Stone after the release: “Let’s try to use the video format as a platform for some kind of social observation, and not just waste it on trotting out and trying to enhance the public image of the singer involved. I mean, these are little movies, and some movies can have a point, so why not try to make some point.”

“The message that they [the videos] have is very simple, it’s wrong to be racist!”

Now though, Bowie’s estate have rereleased the uncensored version in full. Here it is: