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Amyl and the Sniffers take stand against crowd assaults

Amyl and the Sniffers have followed in the footsteps of bands like Yard Act in issuing a clear statement decreeing that inappropriate crowd behaviour is completely unacceptable and will be rooted out.

Live music should be a realm for everyone to enjoy and all too often a couple of bad apples can ruin the experience for everyone. Thankfully, the Australian punks have joined a growing list of artists calling out their fans on the matter. 

In a note shared on their Instagram story, they stated: “At the start of every live show I say, ‘Don’t touch anyone who doesn’t want to be touched’, if you can’t hear that or learn that, then don’t come to our fucking shows.”

It then continues: “We are obviously here to celebrate female [and non-binary] empowerment, so if you are not down with that, again, don’t come to our fucking shows.”

The note was sparked after reports of sexual assaults at a recent gig surfaced. The band decreed: “If this has happened to you I’m so sorry and it’s unacceptable. That shit ruins music for people. If you see sexism in the crowd call it out. Look after each other. The rest of the audience will have your back and we will have your back too.”

With further tour dates stacked up for the rest of the year, Amyl and the Sniffers will be hoping the message has a positive impact in mitigating these despicable incidents. 

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