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(Credit: Fionn Kidney)


Amy Winehouse's isolated vocal on 'Back To Black' is celestial gold


The second and final album from the mercurial Amy Winehouse will forever remain a shining piece of the musical landscape. It lives on as a mark of Winehouse’s supreme vocal talent after her sad and tragic passing in 2011.

We take a look at that vociferous talent with this isolated vocal track of Winehouse’s 2007 seminal album Back To Black. The stripped-back track allows us a glimpse into the raw power and unpolished beauty of her singing voice.

Across all the tracks, from her blockbuster hit ‘Rehab’ to neu-noir dream ‘You Know I’m No Good’ Winehouse’s sophomore record is chock full of beautiful songs filled with the depth of the singer’s pain and the peaks of her love. It’s a brilliantly honest record is given yet another dose of heart-on-your-sleeve romantics when you isolate the singer’s quite unique vocal performance.

The majority of the songs on Back to Black were solely written by Winehouse. At the time she was working closely with pop-producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson and her musical focus switched toward the girl groups of the ’50s and ’60s.

The choice to work with New York singer Sharon Jones’s band, the Dap-Kings, as her session musicians also affected the change of pace for the former-jazz singer. While they provided the album with its effortless style it is the removal of the band that allows Amy’s lyrics to carry extra weight.

The rousing and rebellious drawl on ‘Rehab’ feels more highly energised when removed from the backing track while title track ‘Back To Black’ aches like no other. The isolation of her vocal allows the emotion in every song to shine brighter, offering an almost celestial crown to every tune.

Since Winehouse’s sad passing due to complications with her addiction to alcohol, the sales of Back To Black have drastically increased. Originally debuting at number four in the UK charts, it is with the knowledge of Winehouse’s sad ending that songs themes ring louder than ever.

Listen below to Amy Winehouse’s isolated vocal on ‘Back To Black’.