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Listen to Amy Winehouse effortlessly cover The Shirelles' 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?'


The sad loss of the one and only Amy Winehouse feels more poignant today. It’s been eight years since the singer’s death but still, her voice, her talent and her authenticity is as timeless as ever. So take today to marvel at her talent on this cover of The Shirelles’ iconic song ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’

The sad loss of Winehouse, who died of alcohol poisoning, still feels as raw today as it did when the tragedy struck some eight years ago. The singer was such a unique and engaging talent that her body of work, as small as it is in comparison to “what could’ve been,” still feels current—or more importantly—’classic’. However, where Winehouse was really able to shine is her ability to make any song truly her own.

On this cover of The Shirelles classic track ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’, which was written by the unstoppable talent of Carole King back when she was a gun for hire, Winehouse displays that she was a true artist above all else. She connects—as all singers should but only the great ones actually do—with the song on a truly authentic level and performs it with crystalline clarity of voice and vision.

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The track is an emotional plea to her lover, following their imagined fornication, to still be interested in their love in the morning. As timeless as Winehouse’s vocals are, the song feels entrenched in the complexities of love and lovers. Winehouse no doubt connected with this concept, as well as the ’60s girl group The Shirelles (her love for which was widely known), as she struggled to marry up her existence in the public eye with her private life. While much of her tabloid terrorism was yet to come, the singer makes the track her own with every stripped-back line.

The cover was recorded for Bridget Jones’ Diary: The Edge of Reason and quickly followed the release of her acclaimed album Frank. It earmarked Winehouse as an adept soul singer, whatever the song, and further endeared her to the hearts and minds of her now adoring public.

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