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Amber Heard opens up about new Johnny Depp trial

Johnny Depp has launched a new $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, bringing about new developments in the long-running conflict between the two. After losing the previous trial, Depp has been facing major career setbacks since he was asked to resign from the popular Fantastic Beasts franchise.

According to the lawsuit, Depp is suing Heard because she wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post where the headline was: “I spoke up against sexual violence – and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.” According to Depp, Heard falsely implied that he had subjected her to sexual violence even though Depp isn’t mentioned by name.

In response to that, Heard’s lawyers have filed a counterclaim against Depp for starting a smear campaign. Before the trial began in Virginia, the judge asked both parties to limit their social media presence and not post anything on there. Heard released a statement via Instagram about the trial as well as her own opinions.

She wrote: “Johnny is suing me for an op-ed I wrote in the Washington Post, in which I recounted my experience of violence and domestic abuse. I never named him, rather I wrote about the price women pay for speaking against men in power. I continue to pay that price, but hopefully when this case concludes, I can move on and so can Johnny.”

Adding, “I have always maintained a love for Johnny and it brings me great pain to have to live out the details of our past life together in front of the world. At this time, I recognise the ongoing support I’ve been fortunate to receive throughout these years, and in these coming weeks I will be leaning on it more than ever.”

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