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New 4K re-release of ‘Almost Famous’ reveals an alternate ending

Cult classic and an ode to the spontaneity of youth, Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous stars Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel and Jason Lee, telling a culturally resonant story that remains pertinent today. 

Continuing to inspire audiences, Almost Famous star Patrick Fugit has only recently confirmed that Crowe had envisioned a different outcome for his character, and protagonist, William Miller. Speaking in a recent interview,  Fugit discussed how his character was mesmerised by Kate Hudson’s ‘Penny Lane’, despite ending up with her friend ‘Polexia’ (Anna Paquin) in the alternate version of the film.

“What William will discover is Polexia a few years down the line, and they will have a relationship,” reported Fugit, adding: “They will have this amazing chemistry that they didn’t really track [before] because, obviously William was infatuated with Penny Lane and Polexia was doing her own thing’”. 

Polexia, who ends up involved with singer Jeff in Almost Famous’ theatrical version, shares far more screen time with William in the alternative version of the film, Fugit confirms. “I was like, ‘Now that he knows [Penny’s real name] Lady Goodman, do they ever do the things they say they’re going to do?’” Fugit states. “And Cameron is like, ‘Brother, no, they don’t.’”

Continuing, Fugit commented: “The idea [with Penny] was like, ‘Nope, it’s just this thing that happened’.” Detailing further, Fugit added: “It’s this fond memory, and it’s the first love and all that sort of thing, but it’s never going to manifest”. 

The alternative version of Almost Famous is included alongside the theatrical cut of the film for a brand new 4K re-release that has recently been released. 

The re-release comes alongside a reissue of the film’s soundtrack, made up of a massive 102 tracks, with unreleased songs including a cast rendition of Elton John song ‘Tiny Dancer’, and a remix and edit of The Who travk ‘Amazing Journey / Sparks’.

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