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Credit: CBS


Watch Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish duet 'Ocean Eyes' on The Late Late Show


A busy week for Billie Eilish continues to gather pace as the singer joined Alicia Keys on stage to perform Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes’ for The Late Late Show.

Keys was on the show to cover for James Corden who is currently filming for the Christmas special of British sitcom Gavin & Stacey. She is one of several hosts standing in for Corden this week on The Late Late Show. Harry Styles, Melissa McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Chance the Rapper and Jeff Goldblum will all be taking turns to host.

Alicia Keys has clearly been a fan of the 17-year-old Eilish for a long time and even covered the song ‘Ocean Eyes’ through her Instagram channel not so long ago. “Billie Eilish giving me all the feels,” Keys wrote in the caption of her cover version.

Eilish was more than happy to jump on the show and share the stage with the legendary r’n’b singer. The camera swirls around the duo as they perform the Eilish track, melting their voices together for the track’s final crescendo.

Recently Eilish has shared not only her directorial-debut with her video for ‘xanny’ but a candid interview about a host of themes including her battles with depression.