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(Credit: Kristen Jan Wong and Lucas David)


Alice Glass shares lead single from debut solo album 'PREY//IV'


Following her controversial departure from Crystal Castles, Alice Glass is back with her first solo album PREY//IV. Out on January 28th, 2022, the debut includes the new lead single ‘BABY TEETH,’ which is available for streaming now.

Comprising 13 tracks, Glass’ new studio offering features the previously released ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW,’ which arrived following the announcement of the album. It marks her second solo endeavour following the release of her 2017 self-titled EP. PREY//IV is currently available for pre-order.

On the surface ‘BABY TEETH’ is a sparkling, glitchy, 2000s electro-pop classic, but underneath it contains a notable strain of darkness. In a recent statement, Glass described the song as “probably the darkest and most hopeless track on my record, but it sounds misleadingly hopeful,” noting that her goal was to make a song that her fans could dance to in their more melancholy moments.

“[BABY TEETH’]understands that violence against the vulnerable is inevitable, and it probably always will be,” Glass continued. “There will always be people that prey on others for their own gain, sometimes ruining lives for the most fleeting selfish pleasures. This is human nature, and it hurts too much to think about.”

“And sometimes, the only power it feels like we have left is to say, ‘Hey, you can’t hurt me, because I’m hurting myself first. I’ve beat you to it,’” she added. “It’s bleak, but this is a reality many of us struggle with. It isn’t fair. It never will be,” she concluded.

Check out the full PREY//IV Tracklist below.

PREY//IV Tracklist:

  1. Prey
  2. Pinned Beneath Limbs
  3. Love Is Violence
  4. Baby Teeth
  5. Everybody Else
  6. The Hunted
  7. Fair Game
  8. Witch Hunt
  9. Suffer and Swallow
  10. Suffer in Peace
  11. Animosity
  12. I Trusted You
  13. Sorrow Ends