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Credit: Ross Halfin


Alice Cooper remembers drinking with John Lennon

Alice Cooper has claimed that former Beatle and songwriting activist John Lennon tried his hardest to make him more political in public. The shock rocker, looking back on those who influenced him, also said that he felt Keith Moon made more of an impact on him than the Beatle did.

“The Hollywood Vampires would meet at the Rainbow Bar and Grill every single night,” Cooper said. “And we would go up there, and I don’t remember anybody ever talking about music. Because I think this was our escape from music. You had all these guys that would just like to drink. And Harry and John, after they drank five or six drinks.”

The shock-rock singer explained himself further, adding: “I’d have to sit between them. Because if John said ‘black,’ Harry would say ‘white.’ If Harry would say ‘Republican,’ John would say ‘Democrat’”. The School’s Out writer thought the two deliberately set themselves out to contradict the other, but there was definitely camaraderie between them, and the two collaborated on Harry Nilsson’s Pussy Cats during the mid-1970s.

The “Hollywood Vampires” was the name the group gave to themselves when they met up for drinks. Cooper regaled the stories and the jibes they enjoyed as singular artists free from the confines of work. In an interview with the BBC, Cooper told the erstwhile Beatle that although he wanted to “save the world”, Cooper merely wanted to keep it “entertained”.

And then there was the matter of The Who‘s drummer who, according to Cooper, would arrive to their nights out in all forms of eccentric costumes. He came to their venue dressed up as the Queen of England, before adopting a Hitler costume for another night out. And then there were the maids and Viking outfits that lay in his wardrobe. The drummer, Cooper said, enjoyed dressing up in the style of performance art.

In other Alice Cooper related news, the rock singer is preparing himself to release two solo albums concurrently. Recording his 29th and 30th albums back to back, the singer has declared that they are going to be exercises in rock posturings and poses. The singer is also going to tour America in 2022.