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Alice Boman - Over

Scandinavian singer Alice Boman returns with a wistful collection of songs on EP II. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, the singer/songwriter first appeared when she released 2013’s Skisser via Adrian Recordings in Europe.

New track ‘Over’ sees Boman cast another gently transfixing spell over the listener. Boman’s penchant for creating beauty through simplicity is carried across to EP II. “My lyrics are quite simple and maybe don’t give room for a lot of interpretations, so maybe there is not even any need for descriptions. I like it when you let the music and the lyrics speak for themselves.” She said about the new release, which was almost fittingly recorded in a cabin in the Swedish woods.

EP II will be available June 2nd via Happy Death throughout the rest of Europe.

10/5 Victoriateatern, Malmö, Sweden
3/6 Sebright Arms, London, UK
4/7 Sommarscen, Malmö, Sweden
17/7 Slottsfjell, Norway
15/8 Green Man Festival, UK
29-31/8 End of the Road Festival, UK