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(Credit: Press / Chess Club Records)


Alfie Templeman and April share 'One More Day'


British bedroom pop aficionado Alfie Templeman has previewed his latest release, Forever Isn’t Long Enough, by sharing the album’s closing track ‘One More Day’, which features Irish upstart April.

The lo-fi, supremely wavvy track is hypnagogic pop at its most blissed out. Bubbling above the sparse waves of synths are the harmonies of both vocalists and their breathy deliveries, just barely rising to the fore only to float back below the hazy arrangement as it ebbs and flows in and out of focus.

“‘One More Day’ is the most subtle song on the record,” Templeman explains. “I wanted to make something that sounded like the soundtrack to a sunset. April made the song that extra bit special, her verse and harmonies really complimented the track and helps you to see its context really clearly.”

“I love Alfie’s music so when he said he had a song for me to feature on I was so excited – I was instantly hooked,” April says of the collaboration. “It’s very chilled, very late night moody drive vibes, I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Both artists play in the same indie-pop sandbox, so it’s cool to hear complementary voices coexist so easily on a track. It’s almost like the two are musical soulmates, speaking the same mellow language through synth pads and effects-laden drum loops. Here’s hoping that the two collaborate more in the future, because ‘One More Day’ is proof of an effortlessly simpatico synergy that I want to hear more of.

Check out the audio for ‘One More Day’ down below. Forever Isn’t Long Enough will be released on May 7th.

Forever Isn’t Long Enough Tracklisting:

1. Shady
2. Forever Isn’t Long Enough
3. Hideaway 
4. Wait, I Lied 
5. Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody 
6. Film Scene Daydream 
7. To You 
8. One More Day (feat. April)