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Alex G Shares chilling new song ‘Main Theme’

Alex G - 'Main Theme'

American singer-songwriter and producer Alex G has released a brand new song entitled ‘Main Theme’. The song features as the intro for his upcoming soundtrack for We’re All Going to the World’s Fair.

According to a press release, ‘Main Theme’ plays during the opening credits of the Jane Schoenbrun production and recurs throughout. In a statement about the film, Schoenbrun said: “I love horror films, but it was also important to me that my film feel more than just scary. I wanted it to feel gentle, sad, personal, and homemade: the kind of ‘horror’ movie that might make you cry. When Alex’s gorgeous, emotive ‘Main Theme’ enters during our opening credits (and then recurs in mutated forms throughout the movie), it’s meant as a signal to the audience of exactly this ambition.”

The atmospheric track begins with an intense, stripped back acoustic guitar strum reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine’s 1988 classic, ‘Lose My Breath’. The song then builds texture with drum beats and orchestral string sections. The haunting track enters its closing minutes with distant vocals that seem to call out in subdued desperation from the ether.

The siren-like synth builds up towards the end of the track adding to the mounting intensity and fearful anticipation. The music is unmistakably suited for the soundtrack to a horror production and is a perfect sonic preview for what promises to be a first-rate horror film.

The soundtrack will be released as an album titled We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on April 15th via Milan Records. The album follows Alex G’s 2019 studio album House of Sugar. 

Listen to Alex G’s chilling ‘Main Theme’ from the soundtrack for We’re All Going to the World’s Fair below.