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Aldous Harding delivers joyous new single ‘Fever’

Aldous Harding - 'Fever'
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Aldous Harding is quickly seeming like the sort of artist who could even miraculously add a sense of spiritual atmosphere to a daytime TV drama. As a modern master of the ethereal echo chamber of music borne from a wandering muse, she has whisked up gems that never fail to stir. 

Her latest single ‘Fever’ is a spiritual boon of the toe-tapping variety. Suitably it comes with an air of springtime and disavows the darker edges of her oeuvre to show that she can also illuminate the stage with a smile as well as a stern sermon of solemnity. The track bounces in a simple piano refrain and offers up a slew of refreshing flourishes that come along gladly like ice lollies on a sunny day. 

The New Zealander artfully croons “I still stare at you in the dark, looking for the thrill in that nothing” as she chucks in the occasional note of syncopation amid the beautifully constructed horn and piano-led ditty. The composition is understated and has the timeless air of the sort of song that the rather forward-thinking cleaner might put on in the morning while dusting down an old Humphrey Bogart jazz bar. 

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‘Fever’ finds Harding a little more musically carefree and it is a style that not only suits her but hints at the reality that currently there seems that there is nothing she could do that wouldn’t please us. Simply put, there is something hypnotic about the strangely humble yet otherworldly star. 

The song is taken from her forthcoming album Warm Chris which was recorded in Rockfield Studios and features contributions from the likes of Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods), H. Hawkline, Seb Rochford, Gavin Fitzjohn, and John Parish, the latter of whom helped produce The Party and Designer. 

Her forthcoming album will be available digitally and on CD and black vinyl formats. You can pre-order your copy here. To coincide with the release of Warm Chris, Harding will be hitting the road, embarking on a spring tour of the UK and Europe, with the North American leg beginning in the summer. 

You can check out the joyously simplistic almost Feist-like anthem of ‘Fever’ below.