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Albert Hammond Jr. just broke the hearts of every single fan of The Strokes

Brace yourself. I know it’s Monday, I know it’s a difficult day and I don’t want to make things harder. But, OK, here it comes…

The Strokes are not making a new album after all.

On Friday we reported that the father of guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. had accidentally let slip that the band were heading into the studio to record their six studio album with producer Rick Rubin. Anyway, turns our Hammond’s old man was talking shit.

“Sorry everyone we are not in the studio recording,” Hammond Jr. tweeted. “Forgive Albert Sr he got prematurely excited. A lot of unknowns and nothing worth speaking about at this time.

“We met and played a few music ideas for Rick to feel out a vibe but even a theoretical album plan would be years away, if at all.”

Very annoying.