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When Aerosmith were sued by their own fans


Bands getting into legal trouble is nothing new, but in 2007, Aerosmith bizarrely found themselves in the peculiar position of being sued by their own fanbase.

The strange case occurred after they cancelled a concert at the War Memorial Stadium in Maui, leaving their Hawaiian fans devastated and seeking vengeance. Aerosmith blamed logistical issues for the show’s cancellation, but fans didn’t accept their apology or believe their reasoning was genuine.

Lawyer Brandee Faria was behind the campaign, and he believed fans deserved compensation beyond their ticket refunds. She estimated the cancellation cost between £250,000 and £1.5 million in travel costs for those who bought tickets. Additionally, she felt the concert would have helped Maui culturally.

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It was due to take place on September 26th, but they didn’t manage to get their gear to the Hawaiin island because of a concert in Chicago two days prior. Controversially, they were originally due to perform in the Windy City on September 10th, but it was moved to the 24th, and the Maui concert was the one they failed to make.

Aerosmith were accused of moving their plans because of financial motives as there were over 18,000 in attendance in Chicago. Meanwhile, the venue in Maui only had a capacity of 9,000. Furthermore, to anger fans, even more, they played Honolulu just a few days later for a private concert paid for by Toyota at the University of Hawaii.

After two years, the case was finally settled, and Aerosmith agreed to revisit the island for a show in 2009. However, fans who tried to sue the band were only entitled to the equivalent of a free general admission ticket to the rearranged show. “After the tour was cancelled, Aerosmith reaffirmed their obligations under the settlement,” Faria told TicketNews following the settlement. “The presiding judge has retained jurisdiction of this matter should any enforcement proceedings be required.”

She added: “Some components of the monetary facet of the settlement have been paid, the out-of-pocket reimbursements are expected to be paid sometime over the next 30-60 days.”

Since then, Aerosmith have been taken to the Maui population’s hearts after establishing a beautiful relationship with the island. Frontman Steven Tyler has also purchased his dream property in the picturesque area, and it’s now where he calls home.

“I got married in ’88 and had kids, and we always came to Maui for Christmas break and we stayed at the Four Seasons,” Tyler said in 2018. “To keep in shape, I’d jog down to La Perouse, and there was a house down here — the most Maui-ish house I’d ever seen — and I fell in love with it.

“Then I took ‘American Idol,’ which was a great pay day, and I made an offer [on the house] and got it. I’ve lived here five years. It’s a dream come true. I come here and drop to my knees and thank God.”

In the space of a decade, Aerosmith became the number one public enemy in Maui to becoming a part of the furniture. Watch the footage below of the glam-rock icons performing on the island during their belated arrival in 2009.