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(Credit: Paramount)


Adam Wingard hopes to reunite John Travolta and Nicolas Cage for ‘Face/Off’ sequel


Face/Off is one of the most perfectly preserved distillments of the 1990s going, right down to the unnecessary forward slash. The 1997 action flick was the sort of glossy box office hit that even the most highbrow critics struggled to besmirch. 

Now, in Hollywood’s unceasing determination to turn every single hit they can lay their hands on into a sequel, it would seem Face/Off is within their franchise grasp. 

The follow-up to John Woo’s original hit has been handed to Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard. The director hopes that John Travolta and Nicolas Cage will reprise their roles as FBI agent Sean Archer and terrorist Castor Troy respectively.

It would appear that both stars have expressed interest but have stated that their involvement depends on the quality of the script according to reports. 

Wingard underlined his determination to reunite the pair in an interview with Showbiz CheatSheet, “To me, Face/Off isn’t about a procedure or anything like that. It’s not about the world that the characters exist in. It’s about Sean Archer and it’s about Castor Troy. That’s what this movie is about. It’s the continuation of that story. It’s hard to talk about other than that but this is, to me, the definitive continuation of that saga.”

The fact that Wingard himself is penning the script along with Simon Barrett really piles the pressure onto turning something out of star-sealing quality. 

“We’re still writing the script so it’s still in early phases,” he explained. “Simon and I are very close to turning in our draft to Paramount soon.

The director later added, “We’ll have to get over those hurdles of do they like this movie? They’ve read our outline. Everybody’s on board with it but actually turning in the script’s a different thing so we’ll see how everybody reacts to it.”

For fans of the original hopes rest heavily on the script for a follow-up that would no doubt be as mad as a box of frogs on amphetamines. You can catch a trailer below.