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Abandoned Scottish airbase transformed into perfect 'Highlands Hideaway'

A WW1 airbase in the Highlands of Scotland might not be the obvious choice for a renovation project. But this old building has been transformed into a modern space which is being called a ‘Highlands Hideaway’.

Located neat Tain, the place is in the heart of the Highlands. Rolling hills, meadows and wildlife, it is the ideal spot for exploring the wonders of Scotland.

Having recently been named as one of the best countries to visit in the world. Scotland has vast countryside and unique history that is drawing in tourists. This quirky and interesting Airbnb is the perfect backdrop to your visit to this wonderous country.

The ambitious creators were Justin Hooper and Charlotte Seddon. They have been working on the property for five years, restoring this Category C- listed property.

They have fitted the property with 76 Crittal steel windows that allow you to have a spectacular view of the wilderness from all angles. They have modernised this culturally significant build whilst keeping the spirit of it alive. Creating a warm area for the winter visits the couple have situated an Aga in the centre of the dramatic kitchen with natural light being a huge focus of the build and it has a stairlift for easy movement. Exposed bricks are featured in rooms with cast-iron radiators for the winter months.

It is their home by all accounts but you can look to rent the property on Airbnb for £76 per night. It has a private double bedroom for two guests. There is also the option to stay in the guest house with all amenities for £72, but we feel that everyone’s favourite will be this huge and spectacular airbase. It is an incredible transformation and innovative in its design.

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