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A look back at Manchester in the 1960's through some searing images

Manchester has always had a habit of being the epicentre of cool in England. Whether it was the 80’s and 90’s Madchester revival or later when Oasis dominated the world; but that wasn’t always the case. During the ’60’s there were two cities ahead of Manchester in the pecking order.

Liverpool, with its favoured ‘Fab Four’ and London’s swinging set, were the envy of the world, and indeed Manchester. The city at the time was still finding its own way out of its industrial past, and in truth, was struggling to see a way out.

The brutality of life was evident across the city and these images show just how tough life was for those folk back then. But as ever with Manchester, whenever there is hardship there is heart, and while there are haunts of the past show in these photos there are also bright glimpses of the future.

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Enjoy the complexity of Manchester below.

(All images sourced via MMU and Flashbak)