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Manchester unveils new hidden tribute to The Fall’s Mark E Smith


A tribute to The Fall’s Mark E Smith has appeared in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

Smith, who passed away in January at the age of 60, had been battling a diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer up until his death. Despite the pain, Smith continued to perform “Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice,” his family said.

Now, in a tribute to one of Manchester’s most iconic musicians, two mosaics have appeared which are located on Short Street.
Created by artist Mary Godwin, the two images depict Smith’s face and the lyrics from The Fall’s song ‘Ten Houses of Eve’, it reads: “Identify art…if only the shards you’d relocate back in place.” It ends with the dates of Smith’s life.
commissioned by Mark Kennedy, he told The Manchester Evening News: “I want to call this Fall corner, and over the years I’d like to add little bits every time there’s a celebratory element to the group.”

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He added: “I like the corner because it’s hidden and to an extent, the Fall were quite a hidden band and Mark’s lyrics have many hidden meanings too.

“It’s hard to find, and like The Fall in many respects, you have to look for it and that works for me.”

He added: “Mark was a maverick, and some say a genius, and I’d agree with that because I’ve seen him work. He taught me a lot about work, about never having to look too far for your materials or your inspiration – it should be right under your nose.”

“That was his magic – taking something so familiar and turning it into the unfamiliar, otherworldly. He’s incredible well-respected across the world by other artists.”

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