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A Far Out Farewell: Let's Wrestle

While Far Out Magazine considers it our constitutional duty to bring you loyal readers our favourite new music on a daily basis in the quest to introduce your ears to something new and exciting, occasionally our motives are a little different.

As is the case today as we mourn the split of a band who have spent the last decade penning some fascinating and at times encapsulating music. We are talking of course about the news that Let’s Wrestle have chosen to call it a day.

The London quartet led by Wesley Patrick Gonzalez released three albums during their career, most recently their self-titled effort, which came out last year.

The record saw them move away from the more punk-infused sound that characterised its predecessors In the Court of Wrestling Let’s and Nursing Home. It also gave Far Out Magazine one of its favourite Tracks of the Day of 2014 in the shape of its opener ‘Rain Ruins Revolution’.

But the swan song hasn’t arrived just yet, as fans will have one last chance to catch Let’s Wrestle live when they perform at London’s legendary 100 Club with their original lineup on July 10th.

Commenting on the split, Gonzalez said: “It’s over, not in a bad way but in a good way. I feel myself and the rest of the bands’ formative years were documented pretty accurately by the records we released, which I’m very happy still sound alright.

“I’m very excited to be doing one last show with my two oldest friends and to put a nail in the coffin of our teenage escapades. I’m very proud of what we did achieve and will be able to remember fondly, rather than thinking back with anger and I’m very grateful for that.”

With Let’s Wrestle members having had a pretty sizeable hand in countless other groups that have caught our ear in recent months and years (think the likes of Charles Howl and The Proper Ornaments) we’re sure there is much more to come from these guys, in whatever capacity that may be.

So with that, it is goodbye. If you want our advice on how to get over the news, set a few pennies aside and give your right arm to at the 100 Club for what is sure to be one hell of a night.

Patrick Davies