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Y Not Festival 2014 5 Days of November White Lies


Interview - 5 Days of November

Sundays are all about unsigned music here at Far Out. So while we were at Y Not Festival last week we caught up with Woody and George of Burton’s Indie two-piece 5 Days of November just after they played the Allotment Stage.

Here’s what they had to say…

FO: So how was that for you?

Woody: Absolutely wicked, we had a great time up there and it was incredible to see so many new faces in that tent! Couldn’t have gone much better for us, I don’t think.

FO: What band/act are you most looking forward to seeing/have seen this weekend?

Woody: White Lies, we’ve seen them before and they are incredible live, they killed it on Friday.

George: Also The Wytches were insane. We really wanted to see some of the other bands from our area and show some local support too.

FO: Are there any unsigned acts here this weekend you’re tipping up to look out for?

George: Definitely! Exile84, Three Minute Heist and Tilted Smile are all really good unsigned bands from our area.

FO: You’ve spent the whole weekend at Y Not, what did you get up to?

Woody: We spent as much time as possible watching bands. When we weren’t in the arena, we were in the campsite trying to work out what to see next. And drinking….obviously drinking.

FO: Y Not dedicates a lot to unsigned music, what does it mean to you guys to be playing the Allotment Stage?

George: It’s really great to get the opportunity to play here and it feels like a reward for some of the work we’ve put in. It also feels quite an honour to get chosen for such a popular festival.

FO: Y Not Festival has gone from strength to strength over the past nine years – having been involved at this early stage, do you hope to be back here in years to come – maybe as a signed act on one of the bigger stages.

George: That’d be lovely! If we’re not playing, we will definitely be here anyway. It’s such an incredible festival and it’s really not too far from home. It’s too good to miss. We would love to the opportunity to play a bigger stage and show more people what we do.

FO: What can we expect from 5 DON over the next year?

Woody: Lots of gigging and recording. Definitely another single in the not too distant future. Hopefully a national tour with a bigger act, that’d be a great forward step.

FO: Cheers guys!

Check out 5 Days of November’s latest single ‘Cold Calves‘.

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Will De Nardo