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5 Days of November release new song 'Cold Calves'

Bringing it back to the UK for this week’s Unsigned Sunday, ‘Cold Calves’ is the new single from Burton’s 5 Days of November.

Recently depleted, the band is now just a two-piece, with George and Woody preserving and rejuvenating the backbone of the band as they continue the craft of their previously departed brothers.

But the lack of bodies takes nothing away from what this outfit has to offer, ‘Cold Calves’ boasts a spoil of neo-psychedelic vibes and catchy guitar hooks, bound by air tight drums, reminiscent of the Vines in their early days,

But the really infectious thing about this song is the Peter Hayes-esque vocals – an ice-cool and effortless display.

5 Days of November have bagged themselves a slot on the Allotment Stage at Y Not Festival, we’re eager to see how the two-piece bring this sound to life live so they’ll definitely be on our list of bands to see.

Cold Calves‘ is available to download on iTunes now.