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Zohara - Soldier

This week we’ve gone all electro and with our dramatic change we are bringing back some good vibes from an area of global social unrest and unprecedented sadness. Zohara is a 26 year old artist from Tel Aviv and with her MIA inspired sound we get to revel in dancefloor dirtiness for this week’s Unsigned Sunday selection.

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Normally at Far Out we tend to avoid electronic music as slightly heartless and hedonistic, Zohara changes all that. Adapting a technic of heavy, bass rhythms coupled with a slightly haunting backdrop Zohara adds credibility to an otherwise sad situation.

“And i know you’ve been sitting on high
Watching mistakes passing by
And you shrugged and you turned a blind eye
When they told you too many have died”

A combination of heartfelt lyricism and a decidedly party focused sound allows Zohara to transcend social norms and expectations and produce a track of utter veracity.


Jack Whatley