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(Credit: HBO)


Stop sending Zelda Williams the Robin Williams test footage


There has been a video been making the rounds on the internet over the past few days of actor Jamie Costa employing his uncanny Robin Williams impersonation for what seems like a proposed biopic of the late comedian. 

It’s worth noting right away that this isn’t something that’s approved or currently in production. It’s test footage, which equates to little more than an audition tape. It’s well shot, has professional actors, and has the shiny biopic glow to it, but make no mistake – there are no plans for a Robin Williams biopic, at least not right now.

Not that Costa doesn’t make a compelling case for one. Recreating the morning that Williams learned of John Belushi’s death on the set of Mork and Mindy, just a few hours after Williams was with Belushi, Costa captures both the mile-a-minute freneticism of Williams screen/stage persona and the languishing, often tragically broken figure who has to face his own addictions, lest he end up like Belushi. 

Costa is obviously an incredibly talented actor (and versatile: check out his Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones for proof), and the footage presents him as the foremost choice if a real-deal biopic ever gets greenlit, but in the interim, don’t treat this as a guarantee. And better yet: stop spamming Williams’ daughter Zelda with the footage.

Reacting to the clip, Zelda took to social media, stating: “Guys, I’m only saying this because I don’t think it’ll stop until I acknowledge it… please, stop sending me the ‘test footage’. I’ve seen it. Jamie is SUPER talented, this isn’t against him, but y’all spamming me an impression of my late Dad on one of his saddest days is weird.”

Fans and curious onlookers alike have been inundating Zelda Williams with the footage, and if everyone in the world were sending you a clip of someone else doing a frighteningly accurate impression of your father in one of his darkest moments only a few years after his death, you probably wouldn’t be too psyched about it either. 

There’s a simple solution here: stop sending Zelda Williams that test footage, you monsters. It’s OK to enjoy it, and there’s an understandable curiosity about what Williams’ daughter thinks about this footage, Costa’s impression, and the possibility of a biopic. But the last point isn’t happening yet, the middle point we have an answer to (she gives Costa props), and the first point has been rendered moot because she’s already been bombarded by curious rubbernecking people on the internet. Feel free to continue the discourse, but Zelda has made it clear that she wants to be left out of it.