Yung - Nobody Cares


Yung are a Danish quartet that are built on the frivolous things in life, tobacco, alcohol and a deep sense that there is not enough distortion in music today. We couldn’t agree more so we thought we had to make Yung and their track ‘Nobody Cares’ our Track of the Day.

The Yung quartet are full of the kind of beans they must’ve given to Shane McGowan when he was a boy. Full of indestructible properties said beans give their consumers a sense of indispensable entitlement and the understanding that nobody will give a shit about it. ‘Nobody Cares’ is the song to soundtrack this realisation.

The track starts with brief and fleeting melody across the delicate string work but then quickly dissolves in to chaotic crashing of ballsy cymbals and croaking vocals. ‘Nobody Cares’ is taken from their impending EP Alter out via Tough Love Records on 2nd March and is bound to be as raucous and raw as this thunderous punk tinged track full of spit, snarl and throwing your toys out the pram.

The adolescence of the track is backed by the honesty of it’s subject matter. If you were a teen in the doldrums of Denmark I think you would most likely feel like ‘Nobody Cares’ as well. Well Yung, we care, we care a lot.

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Jack Whatley