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(Credit: Daniel Hjorth)


Yung share anthemic new single 'Friends On Ice'

Yung - 'Friends On Ice'

Danish indie-rockers Yung have shared ‘Friends On Ice’, which acts as the final taster from their upcoming sophomore album, Ongoing Dispute, set for release on 22nd January 2021 via PNKSLM Recordings.

It’s been five years since the group released their esteemed debut, A Youthful Dream, and now the wait is almost over for their follow-up. The atmospheric ‘Friends On Ice’ builds up throughout thanks to its rugged anthemic feel that runs through the track. Although the theme derives from a dark, bleak place, there is a sense of hope underpinning ‘Friends On Ice’ and that eventually, things will be alright again, which feels more appropriate than ever right now.

‘Friends On Ice’ is all about isolation and how we try to fill our problems with vices to put plasters over wounds, but, it seems especially poignant right now in a time when we are spending so much time in our heads, that we forget that we aren’t the only ones doing so. There’s a clear message of unity, as well as optimism that the Aarhus four-piece squeeze into the track.

Speaking about the track, the band say; “It came about as a consequence of Mikkel being challenged to strum the most difficult guitar chord he could come up with. This approach has since become a go-to suggestion to any kind of creative block we encounter. Like a one-card equivalent to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, it rarely works.”

Lyrically, Mikkel Holm Silkjær adds: “It’s a song about alienation, loneliness and the immediate remedies we, as individuals in western society, turn to when confronted with pain or struggle. Capitalism promotes individualism, which makes a lot of people think they have to deal with issues and problems in life on an individual level, when often we’d be much better off if we dealt with things on a collective level.”

Commenting on the theme of the record, bassist Tobias Guldborg Tarp previously commented: “Ultimately, that’s what the writing of this record was – an ongoing dispute. We come in to write and we’re referencing completely different bands, but every time we wrap up a song, we’re excited about it. It reflects the lyrical side of the record, too; it’s like the last few years of coping with the world have been an ongoing dispute for us!”

Check out the soul-stirring ‘Friends On Ice’, below.