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Yung – Blue Uniforms


Danish post-punks Yung have announced a deal to sign with Fat Possum records. The label that brought you The Districts amongst many other notable acts have come to an agreement with the Copenhagen out fit to release a long-awaited EP These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores.

The EP will be released via Tough Love Records in the UK and this brilliant news is followed by the release of our Track of the Day ‘Blue Uniforms’.

‘Blue Uniforms’ takes a more traditional indie turn as it veers away from the escapism of the previous releases but enthralls nevertheless. It manages to contain itself throughout but always hinting at the raw power the band have ready to unleash when they see fit.

It strikes a resemblance with new wave and hints at the po-mo nuance of punk in a modern world. The band couple these aggression with an incredible live performance and you can see them at a few dates across the UK detailed below. The band have a bottomless pit of potential and ‘Blue Uniforms’ only goes to deepen that claim, we can’t wait for the album.