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Yung - A Stain


Yung are one of those bands that can excite you without so much as a flutter of their eyebrow. But the Danish punks paint such a gruelingly grey image it’s hard to imagine any kind of excitement surrounding them whatsoever. Well set those guns to stun because they’re our Track of the Day.

After releasing their last EP Alter on Tough Love Records the band are back with not a bang, but the cold rush of the enveloping sea on ‘A Stain’.

The track centres around the band’s hometown Aarhus. A coastal town with freezing temperatures and arresting aspirations – think a cold Croydon with less to do. Luckily Yung aren’t the type to be held back. Their cold approach adds veracity to the track and lands them in the realms of Viet Cong, Warsaw and other bands that straddle the despair of punk-rock.

Although the band aren’t held back, their restrained sound of fuzzing guitars is juxtaposed by their screaming vocals, which lets down the ladder to freedom from the concrete incarceration.

‘A Stain’ is a welcomed blemish on any playlist or album.

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Jack Whatley