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Your New Favourite Band: Keroscene


Your New Favourite Band is one of our favourite things to bring to your eyes. The bands that we splash across this section normally talk to us in some way. Sometimes it is very niche and sometimes we are flabbergasted that the band has not yet smashed through the glass ceiling. Well we can hear the cracks on this one. Your New Favourite Band everybody Keroscene.

Keroscene seem destined for the big time, their noise rock sound is stadium fodder, their songs big, bold and brash. They are like a meaty roast on a Sunday… with a Guinness… and a side of pork crackling. Heavy and fatty but man does it all go down well.

Hailing from West London in their warehouse space where they live, record and gig the band are slowly crafting their sound. Their monthly gigs are slowly becoming a mainstay in the area and with performers such as Hathors, La Hell Gang and Esben & The Witch already to have graced the stage the gig and the band are starting to gather pace.

In March they released the double A side ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Storm OK’ which both fit the Keroscene model of heavy riffs and impassioned vocals, while latest release ‘Regret’ moves things to a more modern aspect tinging grunge with flecks of stadium pop.

Keroscene comprised of David Troster (vocals/guitar), Francesco Bondi (guitar/sampler), Jake Sorbie (vocals/drums) and Thomas Marion (bass) look to be on course for a head on collision with a major deal and the subsequent screaming girls and brandy jars of yellow M&Ms.

Management better get down to Leicester Square. M&M World shuts at 6pm.