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Your New Favourite Band: Bosco Rogers


Hailing from the English Riviera; Hastings (Don’t laugh, it’s actually pretty nice in the sunshine), are Bosco Rogers. They are making waves across the nation with their brand of 60’s tinged pop, dabbling it with modern influences and hazy, fuzzy psyche the band are looking more and more likely to break the glass ceiling.

Bosco Rogers are Barth and Del, though their live band is vastly larger, they are a duo that mange to create a singularity to their sound which lays testament to their creative vision. It’s a vision that stands throughout their latest EP French Kiss which is out on Bleepmachine right now and can be bought and streamed here. The EP is solid in its delivery and production (no mean feat on a fairly meagre fund – I would imagine) but the real selling point lands on their technique at conjuring a retro sound without sounding twee or contrite.

The reason for this is, despite their 60’s sonics and style, they are a very modern band with a very modern outlook. ‘French Kiss’ the title track has a blues rock scuzz that permeates the reverb vocals, teetering on the good side of The Black Keys, while ‘Banana Socks’ has more of communal sound and can be imagined around a shimmering beach-fire, just with more keys. But both maintain a pop synergy whilst remaining entirely alternative and challenging to the norm. The rest of the EP follows suit and even turned me to check out the back catalogue (Googoo EP is a must for summer) and make themselves out as a Fat Whites and The Beatles love child.

That catalogue was put to the test at their recent gig at Aces and Eights Saloon Bar in Tufnell Park, London. Their psyche-pop sound normally lends itself a little easier to fields and sunshine rather than a cramped (and I mean cramped!) room in North London. But this is where the band’s other tagline comes in to affect; ‘Flower Punk’.

The band duly excite, ignite and shower the crowd in equal measure creating a holistic atmosphere that is hard to shake off as I walk towards the tube drenched in the sweat of other people.

But that is what the band are about. There is something genuine about them. There is no showy pre-text just pure and simple songs. Songs with heart, dancing and a fucking good time.