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Younghusband - Constantly in love


Younghusband are a London based band who began peddling their psych filled songs in 2010. Describing their sound as ‘Death Petal’ (see what they did there?) the band is set to release their debut album Dromes next week. Before we go any further, a drome is short for airfield and a ‘peculiar type of bird, allied to the Oyster catcher’. Thank you, Google.

Our Track of the day and the 11th track on the album, Constantly in love is far from the tie-dye and flower power you’d expect from a psych band. It’s a dark, twisted bastard of a song in which lead singer Euan Hinshelwood despairs at the constant happiness of being in love. It begins with a euphoric blast of uplifting reverb before settling into a dull repetitive rhythm, beautifully mirroring the initial 3-month excitement and subsequent plateau of many relationships.

The gloomy tone of the track is explained by the fact that the album was conceived in the dingy bedsit of a former halfway house. The grim surroundings clearly played their part in shaping the bands creepy atmospheric sound. But coverage on mainstream music blogs and the obligatory album promo tour starting on September 17th should spell the end of dark days for the Watford four-piece.


Constantly in love is at the slower end of the Dromes spectrum and a world away from reported influences such as The Beach Boys and The Ronettes. But there’s something unique and original in the way they’ve tackled the topic of love that deserves appreciation. If this isn’t your cup of tea then I’d still strongly suggest you give the album a chance – it’s only a matter of time before uplifting tracks like Comets crossed and Silver sisters are playing at your local club. And think how cool you’d look if you could say you were first on the ‘Death petal’ scene.

Jason Scott