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The Trailer For Marvel's 'Black Panther' Is Incredible


At Comicon not so long ago, the cast of Black Panther, the new flick from the juggernaut of blockbusters Marvel, sat back as they watched their trailer for the first time. They were not sitting for too long as the cast, alongside the audience, rose to their feet at the conclusion of the incredible clip, as they were so amazed by what they saw. Sadly, that trailer never made it to our screens… until now.

Director Ryan Coogler must be one of the happiest men in Hollywood as the ferocity of approval felt in that Hall is slowly burning across the nation as Black Panther looks to be the hero we so desperately need.

It’s easy to get caught up in the action of the trailer and be thrust across the Marvel universe with every second, but it is also important to notice the stylistic and cultural credibility of releasing Black Panther.

Something to think about, as for now, we can’t stop watching the new trailer. Also, massive shout-out to Vince Staples on the soundtrack – so immersive.