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You can still buy Mac DeMarco condoms


Is there anything Mac DeMarco can’t do? Well, it appears not.

We all remember when everybody’s favourite indie prince joinined your sex life with his own exclusive line of condoms. Back in 2014, DeMarco’s label Captured Tracks announced a subscription series called ‘The Wonderful World of Mac DeMarco 7 Club Vol. 1 which saw subscribers receive two 7″ records every six to eight weeks containing various recordings by DeMarco.

The fourth edition of that series, The Wonderful World Of Mac DeMarco Singles Club #4, came with the bonus inclusion of a special Mac condom. That edition of the box set is still available to buy at Discogs despite its limited numbers.

With just 700 copies available, the tracks were recorded live at Balaclava Sessions, Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 17th 2014 with accompanying artwork by  Nick Gazin.

At the time of the release, the package promised more “special” components and said: “A mixtape? A print? A Mac DeMarco Lighter? A Badge? Who knows!”

Well, we know now…