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Stream Yoko Ono’s lost Christmas song ‘Listen, The Snow Is Falling’

Now available on streaming platforms for the very first time, Yoko Ono’s 1971 track ‘Listen, The Snow Is Falling’ has arrived just in time for Christmas. The song was originally released as the B-side for John Lennon’s immortal festive hit ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’, and sees Lennon offer up his guitar skills while Ono takes centre stage.

This festive audio feast has been largely ignored since its release but looks set to make quite the comeback. Ono spoke about the track briefly in a 1993 interview, in which she said: “The first pop song — if you can say pop song — I ever wrote was ‘Listen, the Snow Is Falling.’ I did that before (Lennon and I) got together. Then, when we got together, I made it into a real pop song”.

‘Listen, The Snow is Falling’ might not be as politically-minded as Lennon’s A-side, but certainly seems to have proved more relatable in the long run, and has been covered by the likes of Galaxie 500 and Harry Nillson.

The release of Ono’s lost Christmas song comes just a month after she shared an article titled entitled ‘Fans Think Get Back Dispels The Idea That Yoko Ono Broke The Band Up’, which points to Peter Jackson’s recent Beatles documentary as proof that the group’s split was inevitable, regardless of Ono. The film, which focuses on the making of the band’s final album Let It Be, shows Yoko Ono busying herself with her own work while Lennon in the rest of The Beatles are in a recording session, dispelling the frankly quite sexist myth that she influenced the recording process.

Ono has been accused of breaking up The Beatles ever since the split. However, Peter Jackson has argued that she wasn’t the sole reason they parted ways. “I have no issues with Yoko. I can understand from George and Paul and Ringo’s point of view it’s a little strange.”

Referencing to the archive footage used in Get Back, Jackson added: “But the thing with Yoko is that she doesn’t impose herself (during the sessions for ’Let It Be’). She’s writing letters, she’s reading letters, she’s doing sewing, she’s doing painting, sometimes some artwork off to the side She never has opinions about the stuff they’re doing. She never says, ‘Oh, I think the previous take was better than that one.’ She’s a very benign presence and she doesn’t interfere in the slightest.”

For now, stream ‘Listen, The Snow Is Falling’ below.