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Yo No Se get heavy on 'Separation'

Something heavy from Bristol way comes, courtesy of Stolen Body Records. Power trio delights await you and your poor neighbour today thanks to the big riffin’ of YO NO SE.

Yo No Se translates to ‘I don’t know’ though we think this is short for ‘I dunno what the hell just happened’ as the first single ‘Separation’ swells and swirls with sub pop slime; caked with Pissed Jeans/Jesus Lizard vocal jabs, Mudhoney fuzz and gut punching drumming, Yo No Se bulldozes their way into the great and current canon of heavy psych bands.

Comfortably sitting but restlessly wriggling between the likes of the heaviest King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard records and the pounding drone of The Wytches, ‘Separation’ highlights everything that this band has to throw at you. From straight up heavy grunge to prog, all the way to hard rock and big psychedelic breakdowns, this track will be Leaving your ears shredded but wanting more.

‘Separation’ is out on September 22nd