Yellow Days adds another stripe with new song 'What's It All For?'


We’ve been big fans of Yellow Days for a long while now and although that might make us a little more clued up than the average Joe, we feel just as awestruck by the rising talent of George Van Den Broek (AKA Yellow Days). His newest track ‘What’s It All For?’ is our Track of the Day and another reason to keep your eyes firmly peeled to this young man.

Having found influence from everything from Mac DeMarco to obscure Jazz, GvdB is a wholly new expression of a society struggling to cope with its identity and the heavy burden of being ‘the future’. As such what we get is a musically smooth and astute sound paired with tumultuous vocal tones and lyrical lingerings.

Easily one of the most impressive young artists around, Yellow Days is managing to situate himself left of centre, where the weird things grow and the wild things take their notes. If he continues like this Yellow Days will find himself in the middle of a cult movement, such is his growing popularity.

Want to know what all the fuss is about, look no further than his brand new song ‘What’s It All For?’