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Yeasayer hit us with ‘Silly Me’


Yeasayer are known among many people for soundtracking a very heady summer in the late noughties, their brand of indie-alt-pop was synonymous with hedonistic parties and ketamine drenched youths swirling across the summer night. Well now they’re back to soundtrack more parties and more heady nights. ‘Silly Me’ is their latest single and it picks up right where the band left off.

Earlier this year the band released ‘I Am Chemistry’ a majestic number full of classic bullet points of the band taken from upcoming LP Amen & Goodbye. ‘Silly Me’ follows the same suit. Insanely hooky, the new song hits upon a vein of melody that is mixed with experimentation and creativity.

It’s tune will remain in your head all day and you can thank us for it later but if you can’t wait to firmly implant it we recommend you catch them at Oslo for a night full of sweat, smiles and salutations.




Daughters Of Cain
I Am Chemistry
Silly Me
Half Asleep
Dead Sea Scrolls
Prophecy Gun
Computer Canticle 1
Divine Simulacrum
Child Prodigy
Gerson’s Whistle
Cold Night
Amen & Goodbye