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YAWN - 'Day Trip'


Well cover me in sand and call me a pretty camel, cos’ fuck me, it is like a desert out here today. The sun has finally graced these green isles and it is apparently pissed off! So, what better way to escape the heat than with the dreamily sweet psyche-pop of YAWN and their track ‘Day Trip’ our Track of the Day.

The track released on August 21st via Feeltrip Records & Old Flame Records is a bli9ssful mix of pop hooks and psyche leanings. Mellowing psyche to an accessible form is a wondrous thing and during heat like this it is hard not to find the visuals of a wavy street enticing.

The song screams ‘summertime hit’ and makes a great case for track of the summer so far. It has fuzzing guitars, a hollering synth and the kind of melodies which leak out of Cheech and Chong on a lazy Sunday morning session.

By far YAWN’s most pop-influenced work the band have created a little bit of chill in this intense heat.  ‘Day Trip’ is the cool side of the pillow – lay your head and get some rest.