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(Credit: Sebastian Ervi)


Yassassin announce themselves with ‘Social Politics’


Yassassin, most likely taking their name from the David Bowie track (and not as one of editors thought, as a declaration to the Youtube cat ‘YASS’) are a 5 piece from London shoulder barging their way in to the frame with every plonking, punk tinged note of their track ‘Social Politics’.

With people picking up the band from last week the track is quickly amassing a huge following an we undoubtedly think the same will happen for the band. The video attests to this as the band demonstrate that one thing every great band should have; a sense of being in a gang. Yassassin have this in spades.

Watching the below video you can’t help but want to be part of the group, the joke, social uprising, military coup or generally whatever they have planned for the evening. To add to that the bouncing rhythm and cutting message of the song and Yassassin could be making waves this summer.