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Yassassin announce EP and new single ‘Cherry Pie’

The London riotous band have been a little quiet of late following their burst on to the scene last year. But it all makes sense now as the band were clearly biding their time to unleash a new EP and new single.

The EP is called Vitamin Y and is due out later in the summer while new single ‘Cherry Pie’ can be heard right now. Like, right now, below, go listen to it. ‘Cherry Pie’ is a typically noise filled song, pounding with gritty guitars and witty lyricism, Yassassin are back with a bang.

“‘Cherry Pie’ definitely has a dual attitude”, Yassassin said. “It has always sounded dark and sleazy; it’s a confession to an obsession that in the end spirals into madness. The song embodies the mania and infatuation of when you’ve just met someone but you have no idea what’s going on in each other’s heads at all. It’s exciting, but overwhelming and suddenly, passion can turn into irrationality. Everyone can relate to that feeling – being blinded by desire.”