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Yak - No


The dangerously deranged trio known as Yak have announced that they have signed to Jack White’s Third Man Records for a new upcoming EP. The lead single is the dark and twisted ‘No’ and it’s our Track of the Day.

It’s filthy, full blooded fracas in to the knowing conscience of a public not yet ready for them. Yak slam skins and retard strings to their molten state with a heavy dose of ‘out of your fucking head’. Adding in some decent rhythm and bloodied organ work makes Yak a little bit worrying.

Signing to Third Man Records might prove a masterstroke from the London trio as the guitar shines through, with the band letting iot find its own personality among the cacophony of noise. It sounds like a band finding their feet.

If Yak have been only working from their knees before we should be worried. Seriously fucking worried.