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Y Not Festival release refund statement following disastrous event

Y Not Festival release refund statement following disastrous event


Y Not festival organisers have released an official statement and refund information after organisers were forced to cancel the event halfway through the weekend due to adverse weather conditions.

Far Out reported a damning review of the festival as one of our writers was unlucky enough to be sent to the weekend event, describing the debacle as ‘organised chaos’ after the festival, its staff and the basic tasks required were left underwhelming short. 

This disastrous effort has seen Y Not Festival sensationally undo their stellar work of the last ten years. Work that had turned the Derbyshire event from quaint little festy, in to what was becoming a real serious player on the UK festival scene.Facing a wrath of heavy criticism, the Festival has finally responded by describing the events as ‘distressing’ and offering some refunds.

Here’s the full statement:

“First of all, we are so sorry for the delay in getting information to you. We completely understand that this entire situation has been a frustrating one, there are lots of parties involved and it can take some time to get final information.

“Please know that this has been priority number one since the cancellation of the final day of the festival,” the said.

“A refund of 50 per cent of your ticket cost, including VIP Thursday (also as upgrades) has been processed which does exclude BF and postage.

“This should be in your bank account next week. In some cases this could take up to 14 days, depending on your bank.”

Example of Refund:

Ticket Type Refund Amount
Tier 1 £94.50 £47.25
Tier 1 Thursday Entry £109.50 £54.75