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World's first luxury underground hotel set to open in an abandoned quarry

A luxury hotel has been built below an abandoned quarry in southern Shanghai. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland (or the Deep Pit Hotel) is hailed as a modern architectural wonder and it opens in October.

This eco-friendly build generates its own power through the use of geothermal and solar energy. This ambitious architectural feat is 5-star and situated 35km for the city of Shanghai.

Built by British firm Atkins, who is the company behind another one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, also created the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The chief engineer on this ambitious build spoke to Daily China last year stating it took 5000 architects, engineers, designers and workers to build.

Built 88 metres deep, 16 of its 18 floors are below ground with two underwater in what is a pioneering act of architecture. Only the top floor, covered in foliage, stands at ground level. It boasts 337 rooms and suites that have waterfall facing balconies for guests to take in the spectacle of a glass waterfall built into the side of the hotel.

The underwater levels of the hotel house restaurant, swimming pools and sports facilities. Although rates are not available yet, it sounds like it will be well worth the money, such a grandiose idea typical of the movement for creative builds in China most recently.

Although, now the government is cracking down on “oversized, xenocentric, striving for weirdness” or lacking traditional cultural features. Below, enjoy some images of the original location alongside selected pictures of the aimed end result.