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Working Men's Club share new song 'Y?'

Working Men's Club - 'Y?'

‘Y?’ indeed. Working Men’s Club have shared the B-side to their previous single ‘X’, the properly alphabetical follow up ‘Y?’.

Do you remember the Flight of the Conchords song ‘Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous’ when other rappers call the group’s rhymes sissy and their only response is a flurry of “why”‘s followed by “be more constructive with your feedback”? Well that’s all I could think about while listening to ‘Y’. It’s basically that punchline without Jemaine Clement’s hilarious request for more constructive feedback, looped for over five minutes.

The song is a clattering, cacophonous, intermittently irritating glob of dance beats, vocal samples, and highly repetitive nonsense. I like it just a little bit better than I liked ‘X’, and that’s not saying much. It doesn’t even feel right to say I “liked” ‘X’. I tolerated ‘X’, just like I tolerate ‘Y?’. I get that this is some people’s cup of industrial-laced tea, but holy hell it is not mine. And that’s fine!

Along with ‘Y?’, the band released two more remixes of ‘X’, including those by Paranoid London and Minsky Rock. The instrumentals for those remixes are fascinating contrasts in how different artists interpret other artist’s work.

Paranoid London leans hard into a Warp Records minimalist club groove, while Minsky Rock favors the more aggressive and agro stomp of the original song’s composition, glossed over with a few futuristic laser beams of synthetic production.

Check out the audio for ‘Y?’down below. Working Men’s Club will be hitting the road for some gigs in November, which you can also see down below.

Working Men’s Club upcoming tour dates:

07.11.21 – Engine Rooms – SOUTHAMPTON
08.11.21 – The Globe – CARDIFF
10.11.21 – The Fleece – BRISTOL
11.11.21 – Stylus – LEEDS
12.11.21 – The Ritz – MANCHESTER
13.11.21 – Garage (Stag & Dagger) – GLASGOW
14.11.21 – La Belle Angele (Stag & Dagger) – EDINBURGH
16.11.21 – Beat Generator – DUNDEE
17.11.21 – St Doms – NEWCASTLE
18.11.21 – Leadmill – SHEFFIELD
19.11.21 – Academy 2 – BIRMINGHAM
23.11.21 – Rescue Rooms – NOTTINGHAM
24.11.21 – Academy 2 – OXFORD
25.11.21 – Brixton Electric – LONDON